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Monday, 21 September 2015

Electric Guitar Grunge Rust Pillow

Do you run a body shop? Or do have a taste for metal? If you do, maybe this metallic-look design will appeal. Click the image and personalize it how you want and to see more like it...

tagged with: guitar, electric guitar, guitars, rock music, rock, rock and roll, musical instrument, grunge, metal, musical, electric, music, rusted, musician, musical instruments, vector, vector art, six, string, player, popular music, metalic, rust, rusty, rusting, old, aged, vintage, grungy, ancient

In a rust metal style on a grunge background. the electric guitar, the most well known symbol of the modern musical era. Whether you can strum a few chords or shred like the gods. If your in to rock and roll, metal or country the image of the guitar is universal to all genres. This is vector art of a generic style double coil pickup guitar a great gift or buy for any who loves the guitar. The aged grunge style is a very cool fashion look for both men and women, so makes this a great buy or gift to dress up your lifestyle.
This is not real metal, it is a image printed on the product. High quality original artwork.

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